Ethical Marketing Software
The Friendly Manifesto

Friendly offers “ethical marketing software”. Our definition of this term is also our manifesto:

  1. We protect your privacy and that of your customers. We host our tools on dedicated servers in Switzerland or in the EU (your choice) and not in the clouds of the tech giants.
  2. All our tools are open source. Thus there is no lockin-effect and you can host the software yourself at any time. This also allows you to check the security of our software.
  3. Fair pricing: Every SME should be able to afford our prices. The price structure is so simple that you can forego tedious sales calls just like us.
  4. Excellent customer service: We never leave you out in the cold when you have problems. All our subscriptions include unlimited support.
  5. No minimum terms: Our subscriptions have no fixed terms, you can cancel at any time.
  6. Default to transparency: As an open startup, we share many aspects of our business to help others succeed. We default to transparency if there are no good reasons against it.
  7. Your data belongs to you. You can download it at any time and take it with you to another provider.
  8. Swiss Made: Friendly is a Swiss company. Therefore you benefit from the highest standards in terms of quality, economic stability and legal security.
  9. Better, not bigger: Instead of growing bigger, we prefer to get better. That is why we deliberately do not seek investors and plan for the long term.
  10. One percent for a good cause: We donate one percent of our revenues to charity.

Interested? Then take a look at our software 🙂