About Friendly

Friendly is a Swiss MarTech start-up. Our purpose is to offer the best marketing tools for small and medium sized companies.

Our name says it all: We value excellent customer service, open source software and privacy.

Instead of growing bigger, we prefer to get better. We deliberately have no investors and are here for the long haul.

Open Startup

Friendly is an open startup. This means that we operate transparently and share our metrics, including revenue and website traffic. Our product backlogs are public, too.

Our team

Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter is the founder and CEO at Friendly. He is also founder of Wortspiel, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Switzerland.

Clients of Wortspiel

József Keller

József "Joey" Keller is the CTO at Friendly. He has extensive experience as developer, system administrator and email marketer.


We would like to thank the people and organizations that have made Friendly possible and continue making it so:

Product Development

Open Source Projects