Open Startup

Friendly is an open startup. This means that we operate transparently and share our metrics, including revenue and website traffic. Our product backlogs are public, too.


Here you can find all the details about our revenue – last updated on November 8, 2020. We also have a public revenue dashboard with all metrics (powered by Baremetrics).

Website Visits

This is the visits report for the last 30 days. You can find all website data in our public analytics dashboard (proudly powered by Friendly Analytics).

Product Backlogs

In our backlogs we plan and prioritize the ongoing optimizations. Click here to go to the live backlog of Friendly Automate. The backlog of Friendly Analytics will follow shortly.

Other Open Startups

Would you like to learn more about the Open Startup movement and meet other Open Startups? Good places to start are, Open Startup List and This article by Buffer also gives a good overview.