We Make Marketing Not Only More Effective.
But Also Effectively More Ethical.

Friendly is a small company with a big goal: to make marketing software more friendly.

At our company, corporate social responsibility is not mentioned in glossy flyers, but first and foremost in the business plan.

That means for us: We respect privacy, work only with open source and donate 1% of our sales to charitable causes:

We Are Friendly. And Open.

Everyone says they are transparent. We are. As Switzerland’s first and only Open Startup, we share key figures like revenue, website visits and product backlogs publicly.

The Minds Behind It.

We do without compromises and outside capital. Therefore, we can confidently develop the software that we believe is good and ethical. As a small team, we also work quickly and efficiently.

Stefan Vetter

József Keller


These books have had a significant influence on us and our work:


We would like to thank the people and organizations that have made Friendly possible and continue making it so:

Product Development

Open Source Projects