The SME Friendly HubSpot Alternative

Friendly Automate is a privacy friendly and professional marketing automation solution. Start winning more customers with less effort – at startup and SME friendly rates.

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Pricacy Friendly

Friendly Automate protects your privacy and that of your customers by storing all personal data on dedicated servers in Switzerland or the EU (your choice) and not in the clouds of the tech giants.

Open Source

Friendly Automate is based on Mautic, the world’s first and most popular open source platform for marketing automation. Mautic is often referred to as the “WordPress of marketing automation”, in reference to its popularity and customizability.


It is important to us that every SME can afford our prices. The price structure is fair and so simple that you can forego tedious sales calls just like us.

Why Is Friendly Automate a Great Hubspot Alternative?


HubSpot is a US company and transfers personal data to the USA. At the latest since the European Court of Justice has invalidated the “Privacy Shield”, this is a legal risk for companies doing business in Europe. We however are a Swiss company and host Friendly Automate on dedicated servers in Switzerland or the EU (your choice).


Friendly Automate offers a similar feature set as the Marketing Hub of HubSpot in the Professional Plan.


Friendly Automate costs up to 500% (!) less than the Professional Plan from HubSpot for the Marketing Hub – at comparable performance.

No Prepayment

Subscriptions from “Professional” onwards must be paid for a full year in advance at HubSpot. At Friendly Automate you can remain flexible with monthly payments.

Data Ownership

With Friendly Automate you have full access to all data. Therefore you have no “lock-in effect”, but can switch to another service at any time.

Open Source

Friendly Automate is based on an open source solution whose code is publicly available. An audit of the code on our servers is possible at any time.

Award-Winning Performance

Friendly Automate is based on Mautic, the winner of the “MarTech Breakthrough Award” 2019 in the category “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform”.

Users love Mautic too. The average rating is an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra and GetApp.

Comprehensive Features

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Friendly Automate offers all the features of a professional marketing automation solution:


With the built-in CRM, you can easily keep track of all leads and customers. You can use your existing CRM, too, using many seamless integrations.

Email Marketing

Friendly Automate provides a complete newsletter tool. And what’s best: the number of emails is unlimited!


The visual automation editor makes setting up even complex workflows a breeze. This allows you to supply leads with the most relevant content in a fully automated way.

Landing Pages

Create professional landing pages for your campaigns with numerous templates.


With the visual form designer you can easily create individual forms for your campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Thanks to lead scoring, you can identify which leads are particularly interested due to their activity and could target them, e.g. via sales.


Automatically segment visitors based on traffic source, website activity and more.


Friendly Automate allows the creation of detailed and highly customizable reports.


You can completely customize e-mails and landing pages to your corporate design. It is also possible to use your own domain.


Thanks to Open Source you can completely customize Friendly Automate to your needs. In addition, many free plugins are available.


Friendly Automate offers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations, including Salesforce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Zapier.

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