Friendly Analytics is friendly to your website visitors by respecting their privacy. At the same time Friendly Analytics offers all the features of a professional web analytics solution.

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Privacy Friendly

Our analytics solution is friendly to your website visitors by respecting their privacy. Thus, Friendly Analytics does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) or set any cookies. So you can even get rid of annoying cookie banners! We host your data on dedicated servers in Switzerland or Germany / EU (your choice) and not in the clouds of the tech giants.

Open Source

Friendly Analytics is based on Matomo, adjusted for maximum privacy. Matomo (formerly Piwik) is the world’s most popular open source analytics solution – used by NASA, the European Commission and the United Nations. It offers professional features like conversion tracking, events, segments and a powerful tag manager.


Other tools may not cost money, but you pay for them with the data of your website visitors. With us it is the other way round. At the same time it is important to us that every SME can afford our prices. The price structure is fair and so simple that you can forego tedious sales calls just like us.

Why Is Friendly Analytics a Great Google Analytics Alternative?

Location: Google is a US company and stores data in the USA. This requires Google to cooperate with the NSA. Friendly is a Swiss company and stores all data in Switzerland, where the right to privacy is guaranteed by the Swiss Federal Constitution. Alternatively we also offer hosting in Germany (EU).

Data ownership: With Google Analytics you have access to the raw data only when using the paid version “Google Analytics 360” (from approx. $130,000 per year). With Friendly Analytics this is possible with all subscriptions (starting $9 per month).

No conflicts of interest: Google makes over 80% of its revenue from advertising. Even though the basic version of Google Analytics costs nothing, website owners pay with their users’ data. Friendly, on the other hand, charges a price for its analytics solution. Therefore we are not dependent on selling your information or data.

Open Source: Google Analytics is not available in source code. Even though Google claims to follow certain guidelines, this cannot be verified. Friendly Analytics, on the other hand, is based on an open source solution whose code is publicly available. An audit of the code on our servers is possible at any time.

Precision: In the free version, Google Analytics does not evaluate all visits, but only part of them – and then extrapolates this to the total traffic (“sampling”). This of course reduces the accuracy. Friendly Analytics, on the other hand, processes every single interaction for maximum accuracy.

Companies Love Friendly Automate

Agencies, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, freelancers, wine merchants, fashion labels, media companies, architects and NGOs appreciate Friendly Analytics as a privacy friendly web analytics solution.

We use Friendly Analytics as a privacy friendly alternative in our analytics setup. For our brand JOOP! we could already gain valuable insights with the tool to optimize our pages and content for our customers and make them even more attractive.

Kevin Bogatzky, Head of E-Sales & Communication, HOLY FASHION GROUP (Strellson | JOOP! | windsor.)

Almost all websites stalk you, leave cookies on your devices and annoy you with GDPR banners. My website does not – thanks to Friendly Analytics.

Simon KΓΌmin, Texter

It was important to OpStack to get meaningful website analytics without burdening our visitors experience from either a performance or privacy perspective. We searched amongst alternatives and selected Friendly. Friendly Analytics lets us understand how the market engages with our website while making it clear that OpStack respects the privacy of our clients and prospects. The product is efficient and effective; Stefan and team are responsive and easy to work with. A win all around.

Evan Bauer, Founder and CEO, OpStack Inc.

Friendly Analytics Is Simple

The interface of Friendly Analytics is easy to use. And if you get stuck, our competent customer service will gladly help you. The setup on your website is very straightforward: just insert one line of code – done. We also have a WordPress plugin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will find answers to these and other questions in our FAQ .