Our Marketing Software Is Friendly.
To Your Customers and Your Success.

Whether online store, industrial company or agency: Everyone who sells something online needs professional marketing software. You get this from us along with the following benefits:

Why Data Protection With Marketing Software?

The tech giants know almost everything about us, why should you care about this abstract topic? As a provider of professional marketing automation and analytics software, we know:

Because It Pays Off.

  1. Regulations in the EU and Switzerland have become stricter. By complying with them, you protect yourself from lawsuits or save yourself expensive legal opinions.
  2. You offer your customers more security. This can be an important selling point.
  3. You make your site more user-friendly – and thus more conversion-friendly.

Our Products:

Friendly Automate

HubSpot without the prices of HubSpot: Marketing Automation doesn’t automatically have to be expensive.

Friendly Analytics

Analytics without a spying search engine: Professional and with privacy protection.